Columbian Ladies


The Columbian Ladies' Guild was established in 1965 with a threefold purpose; to assist the Knights of Columbus Council 554 in their activity and charities, to enjoy social activity, and to participate in one philanthropic project each year.

Wives, mothers, daughters and widows of Massillon Knights of Columbus Council 554, in good standing may make application for membership in this Guild. All members in good standing on October 19, l965 are known as charter members.

The officers of the club serve a term of two (2) years and are automatically eligibe for re-election. Nominations for officers are held in January. The final nominations and election of officers is held in February. Successful candidates are installed in April.

The fiscal year is from January to January. Dues are $10.00 annually, and members with 20 years membership, fee is $5.00 and payable the first meeting in January. Regular meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. with the exception of June, July and August. Chairladies are appointed by the President at follows: Membership, Program, Hospitality, Publicity, Sunshine, Social, Catholic, Ways and Means, Callers, and Bingo.

Activities and Programs

Activities and Programs are varied according to the vote of the Guild. They include an annual Craft Show and luncheon is provided, donations to charitable organizations, and serve luncheon at an annual local gun show. Each month the ladies are entertained with a program after their regular meeting. arranged by the Program Chairlady.

Calendar of Events

(Unless otherwise noted, all activities occur after regularly scheduled assembly meeting on the first Tuesday of the month.)

   January:      Nomination for officers
   February:      Election of officers
   April:      Installation of Officers
   May:      Mother Daughter Banquet
   June, July, August:      No meetings
   September:      Meeting with program
   October:      Meeting with program
   November:      Memorial Mass
   December:      Christmas Dinner Party